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Is there an Ethical Payment Gateway?


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If possible I would prefer to use a Bank/Money transfer system with ethical polices.


PayPal seems to offer a great service, but It would not be my choice if I can help it.


I only have a small business, it would not be practical to have a Merchant Bank Account, I only want the transfer facility.


Please advise.. who do you use?

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You can use Bank Transfer - there are several Bank Transfer modules available as add-ons - and then it's up to you to use an ethical bank. If you were based in the UK that would mean the Cooperative Bank, but I don't know about other countries.


As for 3rd Party Payment Processors, I guess that Pay Pal is as close to "ethical" as you will get. They remove any account which is found to be related to 'adult' websites - and I don't think they operate out of countries which are war-torn (but you can check that out on their website).


I guess it boils down to what you mean by "ethical". If you mean a Bank which does not invest its money in the arms trade, in countries torn apart by civil or external warfare or, as used to be the case in South Africa - which supports Apartheid, then you'll have precious few banks to choose from. If you mean banks which don't invest in industries which produce greenhouse gases to pollute the planet - you can give up looking right now.


On the other hand if you mean banks run by right-wing religious nutters who want to tell everyone else how to live their lives then I'm sure you'll find some smaller USA based banks which fit the bill - if they haven't already gone broke.




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