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The e-commerce.

Do I have to buy a SSL conection to open my store?


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I agree with Fimble. And...you'll have to have SSL installed if you intend to use Google Checkout as a payment alternative.


Most webhosts will install a certificate for you. Write yours and ask them if they do that and how much.

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You also can MOST of the times get a FREE SHARED ssl through your host which can help you with start up costs (not that one would break the bank) but having an SSL is kind of a must in that customers will shop and buy more with one.

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Shared is better than none but it still does not offer proper protection if you are going to store Credit card details.

OK for PayPal and the like, but if the owner is going to use PayPal Pro or similar thenit really must be a dedicated SSL cert.

As Andrea pointed out Google and others insist on it.


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The shared cert is just a regualr cert for a different domain name so it would provide as much protection as a private cert. The only difference is you have to use the name of the shared cert as opposed to one named for your site.



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