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how to backup?


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there are a few ways that you can do this.. Either way, you should always do a server back AND a local backup (incase your personal computer crashes, there is a copy on your server)


To do the server backup, you log in to your control panel through your hosting account. Then there SHOULD be a place in there called BACK UPS or BACKUP WIZARD. You will want to probably do two things, a home directory backup (which will back up all of your files in the public_html) and a database backup (which will back up all the info in your database) * you can also do a database back up on your oscommerce admin.


Once you do those backups, you can choose to download the entire server back up file to your computer.


The other way to get the local copy of your home directory is to access your site through your FTP client, choose the public_html folder (or any other folder that you want to back up) and then click GET. This will put ALL of your files on your desktop but it will not compress them like the back up wizard would do> This is a more manual way to back up.



Also, if you are making changes to just a few files, you can actually just make a backup of your database first (if these changes include db fixes) and then make a list of all of teh files you are going to change and create a folder called TODAYS BACKUPS and BEFORE you make any changes, through your FTP client, you click on the file you are about the change and click GET and put it in that folder.. If you are using cPanel to make changes, you click on the file you are about the edit and click DOWNLOAD. This will put the file on your desktop.


Then, if you make any errors, y ou can simply upload the single file that you errored on and replace the bad one

A great place for newbies to start

Road Map to oscommerce File Structure

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hello to all,

As you all know, I am new to Oscommerce. ;P Would someone please tell me step by step how to backup my files on my personal computer. I have no clue as what to do. Thanks a bunch


If you go to Admin - tools - database backup, just click backup and your database is saved in Catalog\Admin\backups as a .sql file. If you want to backup your store files to your PC then you will have to download them via FTP same way you uploaded your files in reverse. Otherwise make a copy of your files server side.

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