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The e-commerce.

css internet explorer problem?


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here is my first OSCommerce site Edufantastic Toys


things have been going pretty smoothly with the design, but i have just noticed there are broken links and image files missing when i preview pages in IE. i work mostly in Mozilla and it all looks fine there...


someone told me it might be to do with the way browsers 'read' css


any ideas, and has anyone else had a similar problem?




Tesh :blink:

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It is also showing in Firefox. The broken image links are category pictures.

You did not specify an image when you created some of your CATEGORIES in your osc admin panel under CATALOG.


If you have pictures for your categories such as puzzle, science and nature, learning maths, etc., upload them.


If you do not want to put pictures on selected categories, here is one way to avoid getting the "broken image".


In your catalog/images folder is a file called pixel_trans.gif, a very small transparent image.


Copy pixel_trans.gif to your computer and log in to your osc admin panel.


Edit your Categories. Under CATALOG>>CATEGORIES>> Edit --> Category Image (browse for the image)-- upload pixel_trans.gif


It's small enough not to be seen and it's also transparent that it blends in the background.

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hi Bryce, thanks for the tips...i will definitely do as you advise!


any idea about the missing corners on the blue box surrounds or the actual Information Box itself being green (NOT what i intended :o)?


cheers, Tesh

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