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OS Commerce / Authorize.net Pricing Mismatch


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Our resident OS Commerce guru is out of telephone reach for another week, so I'm hoping someone here might have a clue what's gone wrong.


We have a client in California with an OS Commerce site that goes through Authorize.net. Currently, the total order price the customer sees in OS Commerce is not the number that's being received by Authorize.net.


OS Commerce Authorize.net Difference

$146.09 - $145.10 - $0.99

$201.29 - $200.22 - $1.07

$647.88 - $644.70 - $3.18


As you can see, the difference is one of around .7% - .5%


They currently have their CA Zone tax-rate set to 8.25%, and since this is only affecting California customers, I'm suspecting that there might be something installed trying to alter the tax-rate to match the customer's specific county/city. I have no idea how to check for this if it's true, however, much less how to get everything to match up if it is.


Does anyone have any idea what might be going wrong here? Or at least what general area might be causing the problem?

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