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SSL Install - Please help with error message!


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So everyone has been telling me I better have SSL if I am running an oscommerce site. So although I was scared to tackle this job, I went out today and attempted to tackle it. I followed the How to install SSL on OSC: A simple 1-2-3 step guide word for word and choose RapidSSL for my ssl provider.


I finished the install exactly as outlined (including the modifications to the configure.php files) and now when I go to any section that is secured I get this message:


"There is a problem with this website's security certificate." Its a full page error that's displayed in IE7.


Thanks so much for ANY help ANYONE can provide!

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Well, although I didn't get any responses, I did finally find the problem (and the solution) and thought I would type it in here in case anyone else has the same problem.


The issue was I needed my site to be hosted on a server with a dedicated IP address in order to properly install (or have the host install) my SSL certificate. If that wasn't done I would get the error message I described above. My host offers this dedicated IP for $30 per year. I signed up for that and sent the host an e-mail asking them to install the ssl certificate again for me. They did that and then everything worked great.


Just fyi in case anyone else has the same issue!

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Yes, a Full SSL Certificate can only be installed on a site with its own dedicated ip address when installing on a Shared Server.


I'm amazed you could even install it with Name Based hosting (using the servers' shared ip address) - with our control panels the SSL option only appears in control panels of websites which are IP based.



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