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The e-commerce.

get all shippingcost from all orders.


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how can i get all the shippingcost from all orders out and then sum them together.

i need this to calculate the shippingcost i add to my orders is somewhere around what i actualy pay for the shipping.


hope you understand what i mean..

do i find this in the sql. and how can such code look like

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i dont want a contribution. just a smal code to get shiping out of my sql and calculate the total of it.

i got the code figured out.


$shiping_query="SELECT SUM(value) FROM orders_total WHERE class LIKE 'ot_shipping'";

$shiping_result = mysql_query($shiping_query);

$shiping_price = mysql_fetch_row($shiping_result);



<td class="pageHeading">Total shipingfrom my orders: <? echo floatval($shiping_price[0]); ?>

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