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Tax Zones & Uppercase/Lowercase/Abbreviated State Names


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I am working with osC 2.2ms2-22.


Our store takes US and international orders, and we currently apply a sales tax only if the order comes from California. As such, I have a Tax Zone defined for zone name of "California." Under Tax Rates, I have the appropriate tax rate specified for the zone name of "California".


The tax gets properly applied when the customer enters "California" into the state name text field, but not if they enter "CA," "ca," "california," or "CALIFORNIA." I realize the best long-term solution would to be standardize input by replacing the state text field with a menu, but I'm looking for a temporary quick fix.


Should I add a series of new zones (california, ca, CA, CALIFORNIA) under "Zones," then put in matching entries under "Tax Zones" and "Tax Rates." If yes, is there any problem with having multiple Zone Names (e.g. california, ca, CA, CALIFORNIA) sharing the same Zone Code (e.g. "CA")? Or would I avoid the "Zones" list altogether and simply add several entries under "Tax Zones" and "Tax Rates"?


Any help would be appreciated.

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