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Payment (and shipping and order) Modules GONE!


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All of the modules in the admin section have dissapeared. The physical .php files are still in the same place in the ftp directory, but in the admin section and when you visit the actual store they are gone.


Here's what I did:


The store : http://www.tidytushees.ca/store/catalog was displaying an error in IE when users got to the checkout. The SSL certificate was incorrect. The url displayed https://tidytushees.ca.sslpowered.com/store/catalog. Because this domain is not our top registered domain name (which is tokay.ca) the correct url to make the certificate work (as per the online Netfirms Support dude Dan told me) is https://tokay.sslpowered.com/tidytushees.ca/store/catalog. I changed the configure.php files in the cart and the admin to reflect this url change. Both the admin section and the cart dropped the certificate error and all was bliss.


Except now I cannot see any modules in the admin section and they do not display on the cart. When I manually change the url back in the admin section I can see the modules.


Is there some other place I have to change the url so that the modules will show?


Help a newbie chick out please! Anyone see this before or have any suggestions?

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As suggested in another thread I found, I modified the config.php file and hard coded the url in and the modules have returned. Yay! Other than an add on local delivery module that isn't showing properly everything that was broken seems to be fixed.

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