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SuperTracker "agent" question


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I have installed the Supertracker to my website but the agent feature doesn't seem to be working like it should. Or perhaps I am not doing something correctly. The agent_update instructions state:


"In this agent tracker version I added a feature to allow the tracking of an agent via the landing page get variable 'agent'. This means if you have sales reps who are selling for you and you need to track sales by agents, you can use this feature.


Simply ensure that the URL that the sales rep directs customers to includes the 'agent' variable.



Then, the supertracker will add this agent flag to the database entry and you are able report by agent."


I tried to use the following URL when I go to my site: http://www.themodelcarstore.com/?agent=1000245


In the Supertracker it shows that I go to the site but the "Agent ID:" it shows blank. Shouldn't it show 1000245?


Am I not doing something correct? I did add the field "agent" to my database like it said to in the instructions and it shows that the field is there when I look through PhpMyadmin. I think maybe I am suppose to somehow "Get" the agent variable?


Anyone have any ideas? As you can probably tell I am new to this so any help is appreciated greatly.

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I do notice that whatever I put in after the URL (example: http://www.themodelcarstore.com/joeblow) shows up next to the Landing Page:/ in my supertracker.


In this example: Landing Page:/?joeblow


I am not sure but maybe I could just use this "Landing Page:/" to track which of my affiliates sent the customer?


Anyone know of any reasons why this wouldn't work?


If I can do this then what exactly is the "agent" feature used for?


Thanks in advance...

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