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Basic Stuff Problems: Temp dir permissions and


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After my first (this era) attempt to upload a csv file I received an error similar to this.


failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/content/t/e/c/techmania/html/catalog/admin/easypopulate.php on line 1069


I dont knwo how to resolve it nor do I know what caused it. I was careful about filling in the products in the right columns and also the last clumn containign EOROR but this one I cant figure out.


Also, my host's tool wont allow me to give chmod 777 to the Temp directory inside the catalog directory as instructed by the documentation. Can I do this with the Tool found in the OPS Commerece Administration section? How? I thought by giving read write exec to everyone and the owner it woudl do this. But , EP says Temp directory is not "writeable".



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OK, I figured a few things out. It is very much they way peopel here say it is: It's in the documentation. You have to read it literally and while actually editing the file in question for best results. The rest is just logic.


1) I had the correct permissions on the temp directory but a) I had a capital T on the temp directory and B) the catalog directory which houses the temp directory needs to be writable also. If not, you cant get to the temp directory.


2) you have to backup or copy and paste through your own method a copy of the oiginal file.... nuff said.


3) The EORO (sic!) must extend all the way down to the end of your data in the last column.


4) You have to re-read or in some way adjust your thinking to fit the code in which you are reading, for em it was "oh' the html fits inside the 's".


Now, my problem is this:


The default is 12 for number of characters in a subject field. My problem is items in that poduct field have 13 characters.

So, the error says (in red) 13 {the tiem SKU} and the other error about not opening stream. So I changed the number in the index.php file and changed the number on BOTH of the tabdabases I have and still no luck uploading the file past that line. In the meantime I have deleted that line to get the entire file up. But those items I need to include (the N stand for Network as in network Printers). So, I have adjusted the number in all three sections numerous time from 13 to 25; one becasue the documentation says it must be exact and the other becasue I wanted a high number that would be a one-size-fit-all-occurrences kidn of solution.


My next step before trying the solution that the documentation suggests (that's more intenive scripting than I am intially comfortable trying to do) is goign to be to re-read the documentation and searching for another post.


Afterwards I will be trying to capture both products and attributes and bulk uploads of images. Once I figure out how to line them up with my products.


hey! I got my own rebound!.....lol


working on the triple-double......

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Well done mate.


Yes EP is very well documented, and has some great features. People just fail to read the docs :D



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I'm sorry, but i cannot offer Free support via PM etc, and osCommerce forums prohibit me from putting any reference to paid support in my signauture.

However viewing my profile may provide links to my website or something like that which you may find useful.

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