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Selecting images from server


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I have a website with a huge amount of images (and therefore also products). Some of the images used in product descriptions (uploading them with FCK and inserting them in the text) are exactly the images I want to use as a product image for a new product. However creating a new product I rather select the existing image from the server then uploading the same image all over again. Is it possible, or is there a module, that allows you to either select an image from the server or upload a new picture for the product images? I have installed the Ultra Pics contrib with lightbox, so I dont know whether that makes any difference.


Thanks in advance!

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That contribution eliminates uploading of images in the admin TOTALLY, you must upload them via cPanel or FTP in advance, you just select them from a list of files in the images folder when adding or modifying categories and products.


I installed it because of permission and security issues in April, so I don't know about the latest versions.


There are several server requirements (or at least there were) listed in the install directions so if you're contemplating this check that out before attempting an install.


All I can say is it worked for me.

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