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what files calls this script? includes/languages/english/index.php


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Not sure what happened, but includes/languages/english/index.php is no longer being included on my pages. Constant names defined in this file are showing up on the page.


Could someone pls tell me where in the code, it decides to include this page?




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Thanks for a quick response.



Actually, what I am seeing that all constants defined in includes/languages/english/index.php do not exist.


Upon digging further, I outputted all of the files included to the page. I see this file is not being included when the page is generated.


I see that includes/languages/english.php is though.


So I am trying to figure out when /languages/english.php is included vs languages/english/index.php


I am trying to find where in the code languages/english/index.php would be called.




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Its just a call the the TEXT_MAIN on your index page

English.php holds a lot of similar defines, index.php define is more specific.

English.php is not included en mass you will find it in the naviagation on the index.php (Header) the footer.

A quick way would be to remane it then call you index.php and see the calls then.


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I got around it by adding this


at the bottom of english.php




I just had this same issue myself, but I don't think this is the "best" fix. A little more searching reveals the problem is down to PHP_SELF. A better solution (which also fixed a load of other issues I was having on migrating my server) is here:




This problems occurs in both the shop and admin separately.

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