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Fatal error and user permissions - Mac user if that matters


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Hi to anyone with pity for a newbie. I've got two problems:


1. I've downloaded vers 2.2 RC2 from fantastico from my isp. I've moved along famously populating my catalog and configuring my store. Now I start to play around with background color and whammo, I've got a fatal error:


Fatal error: Call to undefined function: tep_image() in /home/ahr/public_html/osc/index.php on line 13


I had saved my index.php page before and ftped the backup copy and it's also receiving this message. Yes, I've cleared my cache and reloaded. The admin side still works, but not the catalog side. I'm on a Mac if that matters.


2. Before this problem happened my main problem all night was trying to set my permissions so I could write to the admin files directly. I get the error there that I cannot write to them. So, I have to ftp get and put the files in plain text all the time and would rather have direct formatting access. I've changed the permissions in my ftp files to 400, 444, 600, 644 and nothing changes the error messages. I've written to my isp for help too, but I can't always understand their answers. Is this a Mac issue?


I'd be grateful if anyone can help me with either problem. The catalog and photos part was so easy. I guess it really will take me a month to get this thing operational (or is even a month too optimistic?).


Thanks, Janet

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1. The tep_image function is defined in catalog/includes/functions/html_output.php - try reverting this to a backup copy. Your index.php still includes application_top.php at the top right?


2. If you are on a web host that uses cPanel, log in to cPanel and reset all permissions to 755 via the file manager in cPanel. Then set your catalog/includes/configure.php and catalog/admin/includes/configure.php to 444 to stop the error messages (and secure them). Often resetting permissions via FTP software won't work on a cPanel server (don't know why, just my experience).




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I'm sorry, but i cannot offer Free support via PM etc, and osCommerce forums prohibit me from putting any reference to paid support in my signauture.

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