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Changing Authorize.net account


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Hello all,


I'm extremely new to osC, having inherited it from the previous administrator, so please excuse my noobness.


Recently, we've had to open a new account with Authorize.net, so I need to change my osC settings to match this new account. How do I go about this? I went poking around in the DB configuration table and found entries listed for MODULE_PAYMENT_AUTHORIZENET_LOGIN and MODULE_PAYMENT_AUTHORIZENET_TXNKEY. I imagine I'd be dealing with these, yes?


I'm not entirely sure how to track which version of osC I'm using, but it's listed as copyright 2003 on my admin panel. The authorizenet.php page is quite old, as well, listed as v 1.48 in the code comments. We'd like to upgrade to the latest and greatest sometime very soon, but that's a topic for another post!


Thanks so much for your help, and I hope this is as easy as it sounds!


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I ended up finding the answer on my own...my suspicions were correct regarding those configuration database keys.


For others who might be in my predicament, I went back to my Authorize.net portal and retrieved a new ID and keycode. I then plugged these into my oSC database under the keys I mentioned above, and all worked properly.


Thanks anyway!!


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