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The e-commerce.

Install button woes !


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Hi folks,


New to OSCommerce, but not that new to html and site creation in general.


I've uploaded (ASCII ftp transfer as recommended in the support pdf) the catalog directory to my webspace. I've set all file permissions to 777.


However, when I point my browser at "**mydomainnamehere**.com/catalog/install" looking for the Install button, all I get is a directory of the install folder, eg:




Index of /catalog/install


Name Last modified Size Description


Parent Directory 28-Sep-2008 21:50 -

ext/ 28-Sep-2008 21:50 -

images/ 28-Sep-2008 21:49 -

includes/ 28-Sep-2008 21:50 -

index.php 28-Sep-2008 21:49 1k

install.php 28-Sep-2008 21:49 1k

oscommerce.sql 28-Sep-2008 21:49 178k

rpc.php 28-Sep-2008 21:49 2k

templates/ 28-Sep-2008 21:50 -





Presumably, there should be an index, or html file in the /install directory to get anything visible in a browser ?


I must be doing something wrong ! I've already got several sites and pages running from various directories on my webspace, and I've definately got my SWL database, username and password ready to go, but the install cant proceed until I can hit this Install button !


I'm normally pretty good at working these prohlems out for myself, but depsite trawling these forums, I've come up blank. I've found a couple of other posts with the same problem, but no real solution.


Any ideas gratefully received.


Many thanks,



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OK folks, finally figured it out !! :rolleyes:


If you've done as I did, and uploaded the install package to your webspace, and wondered why all you get is a directory listing when you visit "yourdomain.com/catalog/install" here's the reason why !


I assumed that you uploaded the full package to your normal webspace - WRONG !


You have to upload the package to your CGI webspace, otherwise the PHP scripts wont run. Well, I did say I was new to all this sort of thing.


So, instead of uploading to ftp://yourdomain.com/catalog etc etc, you have to upload to (in my case) ccgi.yourdomain.com/catalog etc etc.


You also need to check with your ISP to make sure that you actually have CGI and mySQL turned on for your webspace (I had already).


With regard to where to upload the package to, its not INTO the existing folder called CGI-BIN (which will exist in your CGI space), it's actually ALONGSIDE it. So for example, you'd have the "catalog" folder and "cgi-bin" folder viewable on the same branch of the directory tree.


Finally, with my particular ISP, permissions set to 777 doesn't work. It has to be 755 due to the security policies they run.


Why no one mentions that you have to upload the install package to your cgi space and not regular webspace somewhere in the install guide, or stickies on these forums, I have no idea.


Anyway, after doing all the above, I pointed my browser to http://ccgi.mydomain.co.uk/catalog/ and I'm rewarded with the OSCommerce install page. But guess what - there's no INSTALL button, it actually reads CONTINUE - still - I think I can progress from here !


Incidentally, what helped me to figure all this out, was writing a short php script and experimenting with it's placement until I got a result when viewed on a browser. I definately recommend this approach, as if you can a basic php example working then you're half way there.


I'm guaranteed to be back on these forums asking questions shortly !

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