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Real time credit card processing, how many costumers do I loose?


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Hi folks,

The question that I have been asking myself for a while now....


How many costumers am I loosing (in the last click) for using only Paypal, rather than Paypal and Real time credit card processing ?


Maybe there is documentation on this. Havent seen any. Please let me know your thoughts on this.



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I would love to offer click, listen, buy and download without having to go to paypal and then click back etc etc it loses visitors and most importantly trust. I lose alot of orders through people not realy getting the process i.e they go through the process on my shop




and then they confirm order AND...... they hit paypal and it all goers wrong from there.


I have lost about £1k of mp3 download sales through this.


Luckily a few veteran re-turners have become confortable with it but if I could I would recommend at least 2 other methods of payment.


People like choice give it to them.


Personaly for me when I get an order for a music download I wince on the customers behalf.


The customer then has to wait for an email from paypal, for me to then go back to the store and email the customer, This is simply rubbish for a mp3 download store like mine.


With mp3 downloads you must have click, listen, buy, download not waiting for an email here then an email back from a human user. Not sure if yours is like that ??


It's a poor situation to say the least, check us out and let us know what you think:




In summary more choice = more customers but dont blind them 3 is good including paypal (should include them but there should be other options)

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You appear to operate in the UK, so your best payment processor would be Protx, with their Protx VSP Direct system. You'll need trusted SSL on your website and you'll need an Internet Merchant ID from your Bank.


With Protx Direct customers stay on your website, so no going offsite to make the payment.



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