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Upgrade older MS2.2 to RC2


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I have recentley had a visit from middleeast hackers. My ISP allowed me to take a backup of my database, and then we agreed to reset my site, meaning everything was deleted and reset (PLESK, if that means anything to anyone).


I then installed the OsCommerce that comes with Plesk, and that i have been using for a long time, with good succes. I imported my DB, uploaded my language, shipping and payment modules, and everything is fine.


In Application_top the version is listed as "$Id: application_top.php,v 1.280 2003/07/12 09:38:07 hpdl Exp $", so i guess its rather old.

I would like to upgrade to the latest release RC2. However it seems like its a huge task to upgrade since all upgrade guides says you have to manually upgrade through every versions. Can this be true?


There must be a way to make a clean installation in RC2, and then import the data fromthe old DB? Its not like i have the world largest DB, but the 185 customers i have would be nice to have in the "new" shop too. The products canbe uploaded with easypopulate, so thats not an issue either. If i merge the customers in the old-version sql-file, to a new-RC2 sql.file (with notepad or other editor), will that allow my customers to login? Or is there some sort of "filter", that wont allow import of customers from one version to another, without going the long way through all the upgrades of the DB (cant even find all the upgrades, except the ones that comes with RC2)


all php-files are standard by now, i havent applied any contributions yet, so it should only be the DB that needs some work doen to it??


Comments and help appreciated

Timo Jensen

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Hi Timo


Download your store via ftp program.

Get the latest verison of osc, download it to oyur desktop, unzip it.


Open the catalog folder and delete

install folder

catalog / includes / configure.php

admin / includes / configure.php


upload this over the top of your existing site, overwrite all the files already there


It will not overwrite the configure files as you deleted them.

Your database will stay in place and should be fine in the new latest version store.


I have not done this with an older version but see no reason why it would not work



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Your database will stay in place and should be fine in the new latest version store.

But as far as i can tell from the two upgrade guides i have manged to get hold of (out of many needed), there are changes to the DB in every on of them, rangin gfrom improving indexes, to adding new fields. In RC2 upgrade.htm, theres quite a few new fields in the DB. So i was wondering if it was possible to install the new DB, and import the old data? I tried and failed, so im a bit stuck here.

Timo Jensen

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Be careful!


If you have any customization on your current installation you will loose them.

My point is that before reapplying customization, i want my DB to work. In essence, there is no customization. Im running a clean old OsCommerce (provided by my ISP).




Timo Jensen

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