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Strange paypal handling problem


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I have setup postage by weight and have setup the table as shown





When i go through the checkout process everything works as should, it adds the postage costs by the weight,

but when i click confirm order, it goes to the ebay site but always ignores my postage costs and adds 7 shipping and handling.


I have looked everywhere in the admin section and cannot find anywhere to set this up, or disable it as i dont need it.

I have set the handling fee under the table rate to 0 but still no look.




1. how do i stop paypal adding 7

2. how do i set weight up to be grammes and not kilos

3. is it possible to forward to paypal but to the page where people dont have to signup to paypal, the default one only goes to the login one.


any help appreciated, but this postage thing it really getting annoying now

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If you use Pay Pal for shipping for an eBay account as well as your osCommerce website then you'll have set up shipping costs in your Pay Pal account. You'd need to remove these or else they will override your osCommerce shipping charges.


There is also a default "Tare Weight" for handling of 3 lbs set up in osCommerce admin, which can be set to zero. You'll find it under Configuration --> Shipping and Handling.



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Your paypal profile setting over rides shipping cost.


So go to Your paypal site and within Your profile make sure that paypal does not override shipping.



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now how to set it up for ounces and not kilos


In various shipping modules at the includes/languages/english/modules/shipping/ level there are entries for either lb(s) or kg(s) so all you have to do is to change those to read Ounces.


When you set up shipping in Ounces then you cannot also use Pounds for the weight of the product in osC Aadmin --> Catalog, so if it's 19 ounces then its 19 ounces and not 1 lb 3 oz.



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