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Admin gets looped back to login with several contribs


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Hi all,


perhaps someone can help me figure this out. I have searched the forum but cannot find a solution.

I have just moved my shop to another provider (went from 1and1 to all-inkl.com) and now, what used to be a small problem before, grew into a big problem.


Here are the symptoms:

When I use the "edit_order", "Krika-news", "who's online enhancement" or "monthly sales and tax" contribs, whenever I want to commit something I changed there I get thrown back to the Admin login page with a new session ID showing in the link.

With the old provider I was thrown back once and then it worked for that session, but now it throws me back each time. Somehow it is loosing the session, so applicatin_top.php is throwing me back.


Has anyone experienced a similar problem or can point me to a post that might be helping here?


Please let me know what pieces of my configuration I should post to help you helping me.


Best regards


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Perhaps there are issues with those contribs causing loss of sid. Check all links use tep_href_link



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Hello Sam,


thanks for your quick reply. I was able to change the link in the krika News contrib from 'action="action_news.php" ' to 'action="<?php echo tep_href_link(FILENAME_ACTION_NEWS) ?> ' and that would work for this contrib.


But the other contribs appear much more complex than this. Sometimes it's just a button with some submit() functionality that links back to the page, or it's using $PHP_SELF, which also does not include the session-ID.


Surely not all of these contribs are buggy? There must be something wrong with the general setup of my site regarding session handling that's causing this and this must have something to do with moving to all-inkl.com.


Can somenone point me to more info on where to look?


Best regards


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