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The e-commerce.

Worldpay 4.0 - Version 1.0


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Also to add - I am storing the sessions in the DB. Are others doing this and its working ok?


Also what is total? Is it items in basket or the total for the order? As further down it has amount which shows the correct order amount?

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Sorry about continuing to add to this thread, but I can answer part of my own question! :wink:


Total is total items in basket and this is zero when it returns from worldpay. Wouldn't this be correct though? As someone has purchased and it worked out ok the basket should be empty? If not where does OSC empty the basket? I am trying to scan through but if someone knows it'll save me a bit of time!





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I improvised a fix for that multiple orders problem in oscommerce. What I did was just comment out the continue button because it was just too probable that an impatient customer would click on the button multiple times. It was taking too long for my page to redirect. The redirect call would go through but once it was called it still took a long time to actually reach the successful order page in oscommerce.


If anyone has a better solution I'd love to hear it.


Thanks. :)

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Still having problems with this.... :(


Do you know if checkout_success.php is called with the Worldpay process? I am trying to figure out at which point the basket is emptied as this is creating my error.


I am using shared SSL on my site and I'm also storing sessions within the db. I think one of these two is creating the problem. I will try and revert to NONSSL and see how that goes, unless you have any ideas?





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Don't know if this will help you or not but it's worth a try anyway. I wonder if you have some of your sessions variables in the admin section set incorrectly. I know that some of these options are not to be used with shared SSL. Maybe they are causing your store to reset itself?


Here is some information about it


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I think we are long overdue a new thread for supporting Worldpay, so I've started this one - 18 pages is getting a bit difficult for anyone to understand - it includes all the original development phase and is irrelevant to the now very stable module.





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