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The e-commerce.

Slow Speed of my WebStore


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There are two web sites store in the same server. But the speed between 2 sites are different.

my WebStore link:



The site has run for 2 years. Everything is smooth for the 1st year.

But now, the speed is very slow. It needs to take 7~10 sec for every page.



I guess it is not the problem of my web hosting company (web server).

There is no any problem can be found for my another website.


So, I think it is database problem. But I have no idea to test and debug.


Anyone can suggest me to find the solution?


Is there any reason to make the speed become slow?

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One of my customers had a similar problem. It turned out his eCommerce store had been hacked and a script added that was taking the time to load before the catalog pages would come up.


Log into your admin control panel, click on "Configuration" and then on "My Store". See if there is a whole stack of code/script embedded in the name of the store. If so remove it and do a search in here on addons to secure your eCommerce installation against hacks.


Alternatively, it could be something far more benign like one store having huge image files and the other reasonably sized images. If you have a lot of products the size of the images can really add up on load time if they are too large. Reduce them down they don't need to be overly big or really high resolution.


Good luck!

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Thx for reply!


I don't know the problem is solved or not but the speed has become fast.

I have delete some code in one of the php file.


path: ../catalog/includes/application_top.php

deleted code: session_protect(tep_pt());


This is the code that which can not found in the new version of osCommerce.

So I'm try to delete it and refresh the website. The speed become faster than before.


But I'm afraid the code I deleted will cause and other problems.

So can anyone tell me what is the function of this code?



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Hi I had a simillar problem a year ago and it was due to a php upgrade on the webserver


by the way your site is still running slow



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