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The e-commerce.

I need major support for my site Pro Members (Read)


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I had ShipSation who has a contribution for the e warranty they are approved by CPS Warranty service , with who we have a account


SHipSation stated they had a better contrib and said it will index the categories by scrubbing for keywords they selected to match available warranties


They first screwed up may own added contrib for supplier information wen a product is ordered the processor sees who it came from


so to make a long story short after weeks of them trying to get it to work I told them to restore my site to it's original state

they said it has been restored, the reason I did not allow them to continue is my sales have stopped as I found my site is freezing looks like

my database is being quired and not finding it's results


I found they disabled my buy now buttons where they do not show and I have them enabled the only place they appear in in the subcategory page

and in the warranty category but when you click a buy now it shows cart empty when you add a product from buy now

the reason for this I assume is make the consumer click on the link and arrive at the product page where they can select a warranty


I added a contribution from Sam and thanks same the gzip for the admin now allows me to get some work done


What I need is a pro member to find out what is going on I have over 100 added contribs to my site so replacing it is not a option


I found in the catalog pages if you navigation the information pages when you arrive at the site over and over you can see the sites

normal page loading time , then start going to categories and products and see what happens it gets stuck like it is on crack


I need my site fixed. I would like eader cahce and category cache but due to all the added contribs

I am having problems installing


look at the site www . mydiscountwholesaler . com remember it also has gzip and that gets screwed up after a while please post as I

will subscribe to this thread

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I recommend that this be applied:

1)Force cookies to true.(to get rid of oscid).

2)If You get rid of oscid then You can cache left column plus other sections.

3)Use image thumbnailer as Your page download takes pretty longer.

4)Go for more of Ajax based code.Specifically for left column.So the click will immediately expand to show sub cats.



Hope this helps.



Ask/Skype for Free osCommerce value addon/SEO suggestion tips for your site.


Check My About US For who am I and what My company does.

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I can't even load the site.


As for the first reply the oscid contrib was added and they are disappering little by little

all of the url's use to be oscid's


I installed site monitor and it shows everything being cached although my cache in the back does not show correctly

we have ultimate urls installed


as for the rest I cannot just add contribs like a new install as we have tons of added contrib's so we need code mods for them


as for the other reply you are right too sometimes I cannot get the site to load shipsensation screwed up my site

do not use them for warranties


What will it cost me I have a partial backup of the site from about a year ago that has all the original files


I only want to over write the file affected because I paid for a added feature and don't want to loose it


any suggestion on how to start I am not totally illiterate to OsCommerce as we had this site for 4 years now


Walk me through it If anyone can

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No one can walk you through this .. the site needs imo to be loaded to a test server and tested to find what's wrong then re-engineered back to a working state.

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If you receive stilted replies on this forum, please bear in mind the following: -


Free help is offered here for core oscommerce function .. however ..


It is against forum rules to seek or offer professional services.

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