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Link Product Atrtibute to stock level


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I am creating a clothing store.

As you can guess, I have multiple options for each item.


Plain Tshirt, Blue, Red, Green, S, M, L, XL, XXL for example.


Ok, if a client buys a Tshirt, green and large, the system will decrease that stock item by 1.

The fact is, that I have 100 blue Tshirts, 20 of each size (same for other colours)

If the blue Tshirt is decreased by one, my total is now 99... follow me so far?

Now, the client did not just buy a Tshirt in blue, it was an XL Blue Tshirt (of that type I now have only 19 of them)


This is more of a problem when I have one item, and just the sizes, (Jeans, Blue, S, M, L, XL)

To control the stock I would have to list the same Jeans 4 times, one time for each size.


Get my problem?


Now the question.


Is there any way for me to have item listed in the category, but have the size, colour options decrease the amount of that attribute only?

Otherwise, I will have to list every item in groups, this I think will confuse the customers, and be a pain for stock control.


Thankyou in advance



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To accurately control stock with attributes like color, size, etc. I believe you need something like this:


QTpro v1.0 - Quantity Tracking Professional


I believe I've seen this suggested to people in your situation.

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