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The e-commerce.

Looking for Opinions

ThE sHaDoW

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I know it's a fairly stock install. I do have more things in the planning stage. It was just moved from a home based server to a paid one.


edit to say, I have about 2 other user ID's, but forgot the passwords. I used the password recovery and NEVER received the email from OSC. I tried creating new accounts, but none of the emails went through to my AT&T email. I finally used my GMAIL account and got an email for this account. Just a heads up AT&T might be blacklisting your emails. I looked in my spam folders too.

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its beyond FAIRLY a stock install. it IS a stock install. there is WAY too much to tell you to do other than look in the tips and tricks forum for the BASICS FOR DESIGN and learn from there.


images on the infobox headers, a dynamic category box, ect.


Your header REALLY needs somework. You're selling candles. Who buys candles? ladies. usually middleaged to older women. You have lightening bolts.


Go on google and search scented candles and look at the other stores out there. get your inspiration from there.

A great place for newbies to start

Road Map to oscommerce File Structure

DO NOT PM ME FOR HELP. My time is valuable, unless i ask you to PM me, please dont. You will get better help if you post publicly. I am not as good at this as you think anyways!


HOWEVER, you can visit my blog (go to my profile to see it) and post a question there, i will find time to get back and answer you


Proud Memeber of the CODE BREAKERS CLUB!!

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I know it's a fairly stock install. I do have more things in the planning stage.




:o Ok, you got me... I looked. :blush:


Come back when you finish up with the "things in the planning stage".


In my opinion, you are far from going live and should really fix things up.


By the way, sometimes I buy candles for my wife and Mom. ^_^

- :: Jim :: -

- My Toolbox ~ Adobe Web Bundle, XAMPP & WinMerge | Install ~ osC v2.3.3.4 -

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