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Product Specification Table in Product Description


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Hi all!


I've been so blessed to be able to have met such a kind, friendly and TRUTHFUL group of people! So blessed indeed! I know that I have helped many, and I know that though I am far from the best person in regards to osc help, I know that there are many who are on this forum. I have been fighting with this situation for at least a month now. This is not good for my business, nor for me. I need a product specification table that allows me to the easiness off adding/removing fields in a table like manner. This sounds like a custom job, but since this project is overdue, I have little to no finances to pay for a custom job.


I know that because there is much talent on the osc forums, I'm guessing that it would be possible to have all put their heads together to figure something out in this endeavour. For a more detailed point of what I mean check this out.


While searching through the forums, I noticed that at least 10 people spanning from 2004-present have been asking for the same kinda solution, but to little or no avail. So lets get cracking. Any suggestion on how to get this started?


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