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Applying Product Attributes


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Does anyone know if htere is a way in which you can apply a product attribute (ie a choice from a drop down menu) to ALL products to save the shop owner from having to apply it to every product individually.


For example for every product there is at least one drop down menu which they all have in common, as there are literally hundreds of products and the drop down menu is made up from about a dozen choices, the shop ownere would have a very time consuming job to apply this to each product individually. As there is a steady flow of products this would also mean a time consuming job putting each new product online.






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Have you thought of using the easy populate contribution?

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Have you thought of using the easy populate contribution?


I will have a look. I hoped there was a simple way in existence already built in that I had not seen , as it would appear to me that many online shops might have a need for all products to share a drop down menu which would make the current method of building the same menu for all products a bit laborious.




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I have had a look at easypopulate again and in contribution ----Easy Populate 2.76g-MS2 (with attributes)---- the readme notes clear state that


What does EP *NOT* do well?


So far, EP does not handle attributes well. When viewing product export, it

may be difficult to understand how it works. As such, I'do not recommend

that anyone use EP for managing attributes.


EP does not handle "download" attributes.


Can anyone comment on this at all.



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