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Personally, I think all the images in your /images folder that start with "table_background" are corrupt.


They are there (I checked - That's where I made this list from).


I'd re-upload them, and be sure your FTP is set to BINARY mode (as opposed to TEXT or ASCII mode)


table_background_account.gif 18-Aug-2008 16:12 1k

table_background_address_book.gif 18-Aug-2008 16:12 1k

table_background_browse.gif 18-Aug-2008 16:12 1k

table_background_cart.gi 18-Aug-2008 16:12 1k

table_background_checkout.gif18-Aug-2008 16:12 1k

table_background_confirmation.gif 18-Aug-2008 16:12 1k

table_background_contact_us.gif 18-Aug-2008 16:12 1k

table_background_default.gif 18-Aug-2008 16:12 1k

table_background_delivery.gif 18-Aug-2008 16:12 1k

table_background_history.gif 18-Aug-2008 16:12 1k

table_background_list.gif 18-Aug-2008 16:12 1k

table_background_login.gif 18-Aug-2008 16:12 1k

table_background_man_on_board.gif 18-Aug-2008 16:12 1k

table_background_password_forgotten.gif 18-Aug-2008 16:12 1k

table_background_payment.gif 18-Aug-2008 16:12 1k

table_background_products_new.gif 18-Aug-2008 16:12 1k

table_background_reviews.gif 18-Aug-2008 16:12 1k

table_background_reviews_new.gif 18-Aug-2008 16:12 1k

table_background_specials.gif 18-Aug-2008 16:12 1k

If I suggest you edit any file(s) make a backup first - I'm not perfect and neither are you.


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They are there (I checked - That's where I made this list from).


Yeah, so did I and they show nothing at all, rather than look corrupt. All the others above them are there though and 1kb would be correct. I think probably a time out or lost connection during upload.

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Hey folks I keep getting this broken image link 'http://papercreator.co.uk/product_thumb.php?img=images/table_background_default.gif&w=40&h=40'


Any one no what it is and how to remove it?


You can see it at http://papercreator.co.uk


Thanks in advance folks.

That file is used by the On-the-fly auto thumbnail contribution. It can cause images not to display if you don't have the gd library installed on the server or the version that is there doesn't match the settings. If you are using the version of the contribution that has the settings in admin, go to admin->Configuration->Thumbnails and change the settings. Otherwise, you need to edit the file itself - the options are clearly marked.



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I am having the same issue with my images. I am using the thin blue theme but when i go to admin/configuration i have no thumbnail option at all. What am i over looking any help would be greatly appreciated. Heres a link to my site. http://www.betterletterboutique.com If you register and go to your account page you will see the image is missing.

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