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The e-commerce.

Need help with 1054 error please


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To quote myself again from my above post:

With all respect, I am trying to learn but I have no idea how to do what you are proposing. I wouldn't know where to go to do this, what to type, where to type it, etc - I mean no clue at all.


That's why I was asking if I could just do the backups and then reinstall from the ground up to fix my DB issues...

So no, I have not added it because I don't know how. I have been reading and trying to learn how but at this time I have not been able to do so. I had to evacuate from hurricane Gustav a couple weeks ago and then got more of the same this week for hurricane Ike - not a lot of time to study SQL. I understand that it seems as if I'm asking for a "handout", that's not my intent, I am trying and do want to learn this but would appreciate a little help at this moment.


So I'll ask again, can you please tell me how to add the field, if not can you please tell me is it possible to backup my DB and then reinstall the entire OSC software package and then restore the DB?

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chek with Your hosting company on PhpMyAdmin.

Go thru its doc as to how tables can be added or altered.



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