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Almost installed - one last error - all images are broken in admin


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Hello! I have installed oscommerce and have a working admin area.


One problem - in the admin area, all the icons are big red 'x's. The buttons like 'edit' and 'cancel' are a garbled mess.


I've been all over the boards reading, and found on page 10 of the installation guide a section that says:



Stylesheet: All images are broken


If a page shows everyting right except the graphics and formatting are missing then go to that page and change the link of your stylesheet in whatever file is not displaying correctly:


<LINK href="../oscommerce/catalog/catalog/stylesheet.css" type=text/css rel=stylesheet>


All you have to do is find that line in and correct the path to point to your actual stylesheet.css.


<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="stylesheet.css">





Hopefully I'm not a total idiot and can upload an image to show you what I'm speaking about.



http://jenngaub.smugmug.com/gallery/547031...0049_fe58v-A-LB (sorry - it won't let me insert the image in the post for you - bummer!!)




Is this the fix I need?


And if so, can someone take pity on me to help me understand what to do? I have taken a few HTML courses in the past, so I have very broad concepts still with me, but I have never worked with .php files yet. Very willing to learn though! ;)


I've made a website store before using Yahoo, but this is my first time out in this real world.


I really appreciate in advance your help!!


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Thank you for your response!


Under Admin/includes/config.php, the only mention of icons says:


define('DIR_WS_ICONS', DIR_WS_IMAGES . 'icons/');


Am I at the wrong place?




There was a thread earlier today that sounded like the same problem as mine. Someone responded:


"If you are talking about the buttons and default OSC images not showing properly, you may want to upload them again in BINARY format. If you upload those images in ASCII they will not transfer properly."


Do you think that is my issue?


If so, how would I find these buttons and default OSC images to upload as BINARY instead of ASCII?


Thank you!


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I'm getting closer! You all are a wealth of information on this message board!!


The problem is that I uploaded everthing incorrectly as ASCII instead of images as BINARY.


I have a majority of them fixed, but there are a few stubborn ones out there. How can I find all the images that need to be changed?


And just to make sure, I am uploading on top of the files already there, but uploading as BINARY only. I am verifying that I am only uploading .gif files so far.



Where are the images such as the three saying "My Account" "Cart Contents" and "Checkout" on my website /catalog page? And those little icons on the columns, such as Manufacturers, What's New, etc.


Thank you!



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Found them!


I'm going to leave this thread up because hopefully it will help someone having the same problem in the future.


I made sure to upload again all the .gif images in both Admin as well as the regular catalog files in BINARY. You can switch the method in the FTP software you use, hopefully. I did it in two FTP programs with no problems.


As far as the straggler images that don't fix, look at the broken images in the browser and right click, look at properties. It shows you the path of the file that needs to be uploaded in BINARY. Quick and easy. :)



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