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Need help changing a font color


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I purchased a turnkey solution and cant any help from the supplier as to simple mods like changing font colors. Can somebody tell me where to change the font size/color/type of my categories. i just need to know what file to edit. If you go to this link http://lesliesonline.com/index.php?cPath=2637 and look at the top of the section where it reads "Banner Flags" and "Collegiate" you will see the color is grey. I want to increase the size and change the color. what file do I edit? ANy help is greatly appreciated since the provider of the site continues to respond with "we dont support it"

thanks everybody.


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Template are not supported here either, the code is not oscommerce anymore!

Meaning they have been done so badly that any decent code has mainly been erased.


In your case its a stylesheet.css thing so not too bad!


Find this and change to suit


a (line 24)




color: #747474;


text-decoration: none;




a:hover (line 29)




color: #888888;


text-decoration: underline;







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Thank you Nic, that was it. see what a little bit of sensible advice gets you. now, one more thing, what do I need to do to change it to bold.

thanks again everybody. this forum has been a life saver, unlike my turnkey solution provider who has been worthless.

Thanks all,


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