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Order Totals modules sort order

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Is there a specific reason why this module has a default sort order of 740?

The default sort order for the Totals module is 10.


The DC and GV modules should be before the Total for proper price calculation at checkout.

At least for merchant gateways, the GV credit is never applied, since the Total is the value that is passed on and it never includes the GV.

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depending on the sort order teh sequence of order totla modules are executed and totals is generated.


So just make sure where You want.


generally its to come pretty late after subtotal hence a high value given by default.



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I know but why is it higher than the sort order for Total? This produces incorrect calculations at checkout.

Shouldn't the sort order for GV be 8 or 9? Or conversely, have the order_totals_gv.sql adjust the sort order for Totals to > 740?


Total should come after gift vouchers.


One of my customers sites is set up (as an example)


Subtotal 1

Shipping 2

Tax 3

Discount coupons 9

Gift Vouchers 740

Total 900

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I've setup osC (CCGV) many times.

By default, I either change GV to 8 or else I change Totals to 999.


But why is the installation made to be broken by default?


I ask because I'm repackaging v5.19 with proper install instructions and a bunch of fixes.

One of the fixes I am considering is to change the default sort order for the GV module to 8. (changing the sort order for Totals when the GV is installed would break modularity and would have to presume that it has not aleady been changed by the user)

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