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The e-commerce.

default.php as start page, is that possible?


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Is there any way when a visitor comes on my first page that he will see a pages called "defauld.php"??

But the index.php will be exist.

I want to ad more information about company and products on that default page. When they click later on the index.php page, you find the normal productslist again.


Is that possible?? Where to configure that?? What and where to change??


See sample:

As first page:



Than index.php for the product overview:



login: private7

pasw: user7





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Your default page for any website is always index.

You can have a redirect setup with your web host to direct your visitors to yourdomain.com/index.php to anotehr landing page.


However, you will not be able to access index.


Why not simply save default.php as index.php?

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This is a simple change whcih your webshot will be able to make in httpd.conf. DirectoryIndex default.php index.php index.html index.htm default.html index.shtml index.pl index.cgi index.stm


Alternatively, you can TRY using .htaccess, do this:


DirectoryIndex default.php index.htm index.html



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Or you could


1. Rename index.php to home.php


2. Edit the index line in filenames.php to point to home.php


define('FILENAME_DEFAULT', 'index.php');


(did you spot the non-standard name, I didn't, had to use search)


3. Rename default.php to index.php


4. Edit the new index.php to link to home.php.

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