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How do I determine the page name?


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Programatically speaking, from within any routine, can I determine which page I am processing. I would like to know, for example, within the tep_image() function if the image being rendered is for the home page.


something like:


if ($current_page = 'home')


I found myself writing this, which I would like to avoid:


if ($_SERVER["PHP_SELF"] == '/index.php' && strpos($_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"], '.html') === FALSE) // Only on the home page

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ok, cool... FILENAME_DEFAULT is useful.


But if we say FILENAME_DEFAULT = index.php, there are other pages using the SEO URLs (movies-cartoons-c-3_13.html) that get remapped to index.php and are not considered the "home" page; like the product listing in the movies-cartoon example here.

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movies-cartoons-c-3_13.html isn't a page, it's a category tha is displayed using the index.php file. If you want to check for a category, you have to check the code on that page (see cPath variable).



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$_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] is unreliable better to use $_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME']


  if( (basename($_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME']) == FILENAME_DEFAULT) && $category_depth == 'top' ){
  echo 'This is the default page';


The above code can only be used inside the index.php file after $category_depth has been set. This must be the case however based on your needs being based upon tep_image().


Within the tep_image function you will need to set $category_depth as global


  function tep_image($src, $alt = '', $width = '', $height = '', $parameters = '') {
 global $category_depth;


The code in tep_image would look similar to ..


  if( isset($category_depth) && (basename($_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME']) == FILENAME_DEFAULT) && $category_depth == 'top' ){
  echo 'This is for the default page';

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