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I have seemed to come across another little problem.

I have installed VSP direct Form from Protx v4.4 to run with the SSL.

I have it set up under the testvendor at present but once 'continue' button on checkout_payment.php it continues to the Order Confirmation page.

after clicking the 'Confirm Order' on checkout_confirmation.php button it sends me straight back to checkout_payment.php with the error


'Unfortunately there has been a technical problem. Please try again and if the problem persists please contact us ()'


I have switch the debug function on in the admin and it returns this


'Request URL=https://ukvpstest.protx.com/vspgateway/service/vspdirect-register.vsp

Data string sent=VPSProtocol=2.22&TxType=AUTHENTICATE&Vendor=testvendor&VendorTxCode=13-23315952180793242487226142633609&Amount=400.00&Currency=GBP&Description=Order+Number%3A+13&CardHolder=David+Cox&CardNumber=4929000000006&StartDate=0306&ExpiryDate=0310&IssueNumber=&CV2=123&CardType=UKE&BillingAddress=24+Flaxley+Drive%2C%0D%0AHereford%2C%0D%0AUnited+Kingdom&BillingPostCode=HR43PH&DeliveryAddress=24+Flaxley+Drive%2C%0D%0AHereford%2C%0D%0AUnited+Kingdom&DeliveryPostCode=HR43PH&CustomerName=David+Cox&ContactNumber=01432263263&CustomerEMail=david.cox%40eventsinternational.co.uk&ClientIPAddress=

Protx response=

Response array=Array


[0] =>



curl_error= Protocol https not supported or disabled in libcurl



Doesnt mean alot to me!


has anyone had the same issue/problem?

if so, anyjoy fixing it




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Do you have curl enabled on your host account?


Goto admin / tools / server info


Look down the list to see if curl is there and enabled






Yes Curl is enaled


Curl Information : ibcurl/7.18.2 zlib/1.2.3 libidn/0.6.5




Any other ideas?


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support thread is here in the payment modules section of the forum


From what you posted above your server has cURL installed without openSSL support - the module will not work without this - speak to your hosts about this.

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