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The e-commerce.

ATOS module installation in text mode


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Hello to all OSCommerce experts,


First of all, I would like to thank all the community for having produced such a great open source solution for e-commerce.


I have a clean and virgin OSC 2.2MS2 + PHP 5.2.6 in CGI mode + IIS6 on Windows 2003 server + MYsql 5.

All is working fine until I tried to install this ATOS contribution :

http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,893/ in 2.3.0


I cannot install it, when I go to payment module admin, the atos.php is read as a text file and not treated as a php file. all the other modules are displayed fine.

If I remove atos.php from payment folder, it is back OK


It seems that the include in module.php does not work for this module.

I have tried with other ATOS contribs (2.2.3, 2.2.4 etc) same problem.

I have tried on OSC RC1 and RC2, same problem !

I have tested with different php.ini settings on the server (register globals, etc) but no clue at all.

Nothing in the php logs, it is a mystery.

always the text file coming in payment module...



Example of what I have :

Modules de paiement  	
). Modified and enhanced to fit new purchase process of the osCommerce and new ATOS/SIPS binaries by S. Guiboud-Ribaud . Copyright © 2003-2005, e-network Release under the GNU General Public License. */ define('DIR_FS_ATOS', DIR_FS_CATALOG . 'atos/'); class atos { // ---------------------------------------------------------------- // MEMBERS // ---------------------------------------------------------------- // List of supported currencies by the ATOS system. var $currencies = array( 'EUR' => '978', 'USD' => '840', 'CHF' => '756', 'GBP' => '826', 'CAD' => '124', 'JPY' => '392', 'MXP' => '484', 'TRL' => '792', 'AUD' => '036', 'NZD' => '554', 'NOK' => '578', 'BRC' => '986', 'ARP' => '032', 'KHR' => '116', 'TWD' => '901', 'SEK' => '752', 'DKK' => '208', 'KRW' => '410', 'SGD' => '702', ); // List of supported languages by the ATOS system var $languages = array( 'english' => 'en', 'german' => 'de', 'espanol' => 'es', 'french' => 'fr', ); // ATOS Payment module code used by the OSC core // to identified this module. var $code = 'atos'; // Title : this title is displayed in the checkout_payment.php // page. var $title; // Short description var $description; // Flag to know whether the module is installed and available // as a selectable payment method or not var $enabled; // Any text to display when sending the confirmation mail order // to the customer. var $email_footer; // Flag to know whether the module has to be used in its production // or not. At this level, production means that any order using // this payment method and has been confirmed by ATOS will be // registered in the shop orders. var $production; // Operating System specific information (like name, command // line parameter delimiter, path separator). var $os_info; // ---------------------------------------------------------------- // PUBLIC METHODS // ---------------------------------------------------------------- // ----------


If anyone has a clue or a way to debug this, that would be very helpful !


Thank you for your help



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