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Admin -> Catalog -> Product Attrib -> How to Display 500 Prod Attribs in list instead of 10


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Hi there,


I have spent 15 minutes searching the forum to no avail.


Wonder if someone can let me know what value to change to allow 500 product attributes listed in the:


Admin -> Catalog -> Product Attrib -> Product Attributes (at the bottom).


I am creating a website to allow for ordering custom made surfboards. Each type of board will have 30 product options associated with it, and for each of the products options, there could be up to 30 product attributes to choose from. After just doing 3 of the product options (length, width, thickness) there are about 6 pages of product attributes that i need to go through to change an option - and I aint finished adding all the attributes for thickness yet.


Hence I just want one big list - exact info of what I want is explained in image




*Also, if anyone knows how to order Product Options that the customer will see (without using an addon), that would be appreciated - at the moment I have to put a number in front of each product option, and it makes it look Mickey Mouse :)

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Thanks a lot Tom - you sorted out my issue.


I have the second addon installed already, although I did stuff something up becasue there is no title for the sort colum for product attributes.

I have downloaded the first addon and looked at the example images but I don't think I need at the moment - It does not look like it would sort the Product Options that the customer would see.


Again, Thank you.

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I am trying out Ajex - the first addon you suggested. Just wondering if you know a quick fix to be able to turn variables into english; i.e. it is not translating to english.


e.g. tool tips say AM_AJAX_YES - instead of yes - plus all the other type things associated with it. I need to navigate to admin\attributeManager\languages\english\attributeManager.php to translate the options - its bloody annoying.


Do you know a quick fix on how I can include it directly to the catalog\admin\categories.php file so it is all enumerated automatically?



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