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The e-commerce.

Is there an after market version of OSC with common addons?


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Hi there,


I was just wondering if there is a packaged OSC anywhere that can do things like:


Text Areas for customer input on Product Options.

Being able to sort Product attributes.

Being able to sort product options.


And I am sure there is more.


I am pretty new to OSCommerce, and I have been using Addons for making the shop a lot more configurable, but I run into problems with inconsitencies of the way people post there addons - they seem to make it so difficult to make changes, and all these different versions, some have screen shots of what the mod will do, others don't, some have links to demos and pic, some have links but they don't work. bad titles for addons etc....


I have spent a couple of days trying to be able to do what I have asked above and it is almost giving me a heart attack :) !


Does anyone know of a one step install which would have what is expected out of an online shop?


Thanks in advance, and even though I have found things difficult with OSCommerce, I just want to say many thanks to the team who made this, and the people who contribute to it.

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There are many carts based on oscommerce available, but we are not alowed to post links or discuss them in this forum..so just use google to look for some alternatives.



But be aware that for most of them you will have a much harder time if you later on should need even more functions via add-ons/contributions.

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The problem with osC versions with all the addons already there is you will find a version with what "they" wanted to put in the store and not what "you" wanted. I would keep at it because it is a lot better to figure it out for yourself rather than have someone else do it. If you get a loaded osC version you will still have to add specific things that you want (still at the stage you are right now) and then you will also have a whole bunch of things you don't want making it harder to edit the code (worse than where you are right now). Then you still have do design your store and add products, maintain it, etc.


To make it easier for your learning curve install a program like XAMPP on your computer which turns your desktop into a server. Then install osC and keep a working version of osC on your desktop. Then install your addons and when you make a mistake you just delete the folder in XAMPP and copy/paste your last working version over and you are set to go again in about 10 seconds. It won't stop you from making the errors in installing the addons but it will make them a lot less painful.

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Thank you Toyicebear and Peter - there is wisdom in what you have said.


And Peter, thanks for your input. I do have Apache/MySQL/PHP installed locally and generally when I work on websites I end up with a lot of versioning lets say; its a pretty fail safe protection mechanism although 'Kafuffly'. I better keep working on these addon's I need to intergrate - I am almost thinking I need to buy a second monitor for this development process I am going through - Alt Tabbing and the likes between different Z-Axis makes me lose continuity and maybe thats part of the problem while editing code.


I will keep working at it; I appreciate your replies.

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