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The e-commerce.

sales randomly disappearing ?


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Ok. Now im stumped. I have had oscommerce working very nicely for over a year. I have not added anything or changed anything within the last 2 months.


Just recently the site owner has contacted me to say he has had several complaints from buyers who have not been sent their items!. He has verified they have made bank deposits. So they have paid. But. When I go into the control panel although these people have registered as members there is no record of them having bought anything.


The missing sales have only occured during the last month. About 3 in total.


Strangely there are sales from this same month that have happened in between these missing sales that have worked with no trouble. There is a record, and the owner gets an email to say the sale has happened. No problem.


Im not sure how to fix this problem.

The system looks like its still working. The products that they bought are showing stock, they are active.


Any ideas? or any questions I can ask to help narrow the cause of this problem down? all help much appreciated!

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From what I have read this is a common problem with those people using the Paypal system (which please note I am not) - which can result from people not returning to the shop site using an autoreturn (which they set up in paypal)


I am currently trying to ascertain if this is the same situation perhaps for our visa clients. However when I set up the MIGS module I set up an autoreturn to the shop! and this shop has been working since 2006!


Is it that these missing buyers have shut down their visa payment page without returning to the shop confirmation page?


Do buyers NEED to return to the site in for the system to register a sale?


or does the MIGS module notify the shop site independantly of the sale confirmation.. regardless of the buyer returning to the shop site confirmation page?


any ideas?

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Delia, I can;t help but have had the same problem occur today with VISA payments landing in my merchant account, but no record of sale on the oscom CMS, so will be interested to hear the outcome.




Hi BashedCrab, its embarrassing isnt it .. doesnt do much for buyer trust in using the shop again.


Im just waiting on contact details for the bank support staff. We are using ANZ eGate.. this might take several days to get thru to them, but will let you know how I go.


Also I might need to repost this link with a different header (cant seem to edit the title here).. I dont think ive explained myself very well in the title of this post. Most regular people in this support forum might not bother to read this post suspecting im complaining about a Paypal issue. (which is really well documented in the forums).


If I do repost I will let you know so you can watch the new thread.

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sorry ive worded the title on this post badly - and I cant seem to locate the edit function. In light of the fact that some people might assume I am using paypal and having this issue (which is clearly documented) I have reposted this a little more clearly.




reworded post - new thread

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