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The e-commerce.

Updated Store!

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I did some minor things that made a major difference to the layout of the website!

Let me know what you all think!!!!!



Well to be brutally honest it looks like a splash page, which is not a very good idea, then you click on the shop and you are presented with a pretty much standard oscommerce with some overlarge image thumbs 266kb the one I looked at, should have been nearer 5kb.

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I like the color theme and layout of the home page (index.html) but was thrown back when I entered the store/catalog and found a basically stock vanilla osC design. Spice it up a bit! Why not use the same header2.gif in the store? Match the color theme of the store more closely to that of the home page.


Home page -

Our customers: just picks of their rigs, how about clicking to get a list of components or info?



Catalog side -

75 best sellers?

36 New Products for July?

Plus a What's New infobox?

Product - HUR3915040, image of two bolts. Where's the shifter?

Product - HEL74323, how bright (watts)? Wasn't listed that it came with harness in the product listings like other lights.

Stock buttons and graphics (such as - box_write_review.gif, reviews and add to cart).

On a Product info page the right column is too narrow, no Back button.

No meta tags or SEF URL's.


Just some thoughts! ;)

- :: Jim :: -

- My Toolbox ~ Adobe Web Bundle, XAMPP & WinMerge | Install ~ osC v2.3.3.4 -

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Yeah, I very much like the entrance page, but the store page is a let down after that. Try basing the store on your splash page.

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I agree.. i know i gave you a bunch of pointers on your site, but i didnt know you had an entry site that should match.


I think that if you take the maroon gradient color on the index page, and put that where you have the orange, that is a good start.

one of your fly out menu categories gets tuck open, the first one actually


You can make beveled edges around your boxes and stuff that will match the four boxes on the bottom of the index page


I would use the same header for both..


mixing styles can really confuse and probably scare off a customer. they want to know that they never actually left the website that they want to buy from, so those two DRASTICALLY different sites can dfinitely make them feel that they may have clicked out of the site.

A great place for newbies to start

Road Map to oscommerce File Structure

DO NOT PM ME FOR HELP. My time is valuable, unless i ask you to PM me, please dont. You will get better help if you post publicly. I am not as good at this as you think anyways!


HOWEVER, you can visit my blog (go to my profile to see it) and post a question there, i will find time to get back and answer you


Proud Memeber of the CODE BREAKERS CLUB!!

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