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The e-commerce.

Introduction and freakout


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I was put in the very unenviable position of joining a small retail and wholesale company as webmaster and general IT guy, and then 2 weeks later having to completely redesign and relaunch the site. The site itself was a bit of a hack, and osCommerce is used as the ecommerce module. I'm assuming this isn't quite the way osCommerce was intended to be used, but basically we have 3 sites (a web retail, a wholesale, and a brick-and-mortar store's website) and the only time anyone sees osCommerce is when they go to check out. It looks like osCommerce was built to be a plug-and-play solution, hosting all your products and taking care of your inventory, etc. But that's not how our site was set up. So my predecessor must have found the right variables to call to integrate our databases with osCommerce.


Anyways, I was forced to push the launch through today, even though I knew I didn't have the osCommerce part of the site ready (you know how CEOs are) and now I need help desperately. I have the 2 retail sites working decently though not great, but the wholesale site operates on an initial login to account.php, which calls a function "tep_session_register('wholesalerequest') [btw, what's up with all these "tep_"s I see running around the code?]


Problem is, with the new redesigned site the wholesale variable keeps getting dropped and the retail branding and product availability comes up even if you logged in as a wholesaler. I know this is extremely vague and I guess I don't expect anyone to actually be able to help me, but I'm mostly just annoyed that I had to go live with a site that doesn't work.


I'm sure you'll be hearing more from me :)





oh, here's the site:

http://www.sarut.com (that links to the wholesale site, Sarut, and one retail site, NY City Limit)

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I managed to fix this by setting session variables on my product site, and then invoking them on the osc site. Clunky, but it works. And now I have session variables that I can call upon in future if needed...

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