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How do I put photos on the main page. HELP!


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How do you put a static photo on the main page:


Website: http://www.AmericanOrganizer.net


Issue: How do you put a static photo on the main page.


Question 1: How do you put it without a link to the catagory? Static Photo only


Question 2: What folder do I put the jpg in?


Question 3: Do I put this in the main image or language image file?


Question 4: Are there special codes I must put in the language name .php file?



Thanks in advance ------------


Below you will find the codes for the section I need help on. These codes are for to photos that are not showing on the main page of my website. All I see are an outline that is blank inside.


Please show me where I put this information you provide me::::


Here are the codes for 2 photos - Acessórios and Cabides





<p align="center">



<input type="image" height="175" width="175"

src="Acessórios.jpg" name=Acessórios><br> <br><font

color=#0080ff size=2><font size="3">




color=#0080ff size=3>Acessórios</font><br></a>



color=#000000 size=1>Acessórios que farão toda a <br> diferneça em

sua vida.</font></font></p>










<p align="center"><input type="image" height="175" width="175"

src="Cabides.jpg" name=Cabides><br> <br><font

color=#0080ff size=2><font size="3">




color=#0080ff size=3>Cabides</font><br></font></a>


</font><font color="#000000" size="1">


Cabides Especiais com<br> Acabamento Sofisticado.



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Your images should be coded like so

Place them in the images folder

<img src="images/Accessories.jpg" height="175" width="175" alt="Accessories" border="0">



<input type="image" height="175" width="175" src="Accessories.jpg" name=Accessories>

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