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PayPal IPN 2.3.3 Activation


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I'm having difficulties changing the status of the IPN module for OsCommerce. Each time I change and IPN Module Enable status from True to False (and fill in the appropriate information), it reverts to false and the information I entered disappears. This doesn't happen with other modules.


Any ideas?


OSCommerce 2.2-MS2

PHP 4.3.9

PayPal IPN 2.3.3 using Paypal Sanbox




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Hey MB,


Maybe it's a typo... but you're stating that you are changing the Enable status from True to False, but it reverts back to False. :blink:


In any event, if it is losing the information you type in after you click the update button. I would think you need to double check your installation. Something went a mise and it's acting as if you clicked cancel. Just surprised there's no error message to help.


Just my quess. :mellow:

- :: Jim :: -

- My Toolbox ~ Adobe Web Bundle, XAMPP & WinMerge | Install ~ osC v2.3.3.4 -

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This is interesting. I had this same problem while trying to add PayPal IPN, only it carried over to ALL of my modules. I couldn't find the problem easily, I guessed while installing I messed up a file accidently. I ended up reverting back to a backup version and am about to start over. Guess I better backup now if this is an issue with the Paypal IPN module.

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Appears that when a Module was uninstalled it wasnt handled the way it should have been.


Or its configure variables match other module variables.


You need to analyse aaaat DB level to make out whats wrong.


There are keys like Payment module installed that will help in analysing further.



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