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Product attributes changing the product image/s


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Can anyone help? I want the product image to change in response to attribute changes.

Taking as an example the Matrox G200 MMS found in a clean install of osC 2.2rca, there are two products attributes: memory and model.

Is it possible for the image file to change in response to a change in one of these?


In the store I'm planning I want to sell a product in a number of sizes and colours. Simple, but it would be easiest from the customers' POV to browse the (visual/image) options via a drop down menus rather than moving the mouse all over the shop to see an product of their prefered colour (or whatever).


I haven't been able to work this out. Where do I need to look/what do I need to do? Apologies if this is yet another obvious newbie FAQ!!


Also as a follow on: if I then wanted to to add a third drop down list to say change the style of the product all together then allowing the customer to work through a different set of attributes (ie a another range of similar or different colours), how do I do this?


Hope someone can help make shopping with me and osC easier for the punters!

Very many thanks in advance.


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Uh? Maybe I am confusing people?


I want the product image to change with different attributes in a drop down menu. Eg customer wants a particular screen print on a t-shirt. Customer goes to the screen print design category/product description etc and finds the attributes such as size and colour available. Size attributes imply no real change in the look of the t-shirt but colour does.


Therefore I'd like the image to change when the customer changes the colour of the t-shirt in the product description page so that the image will reflect what the screen print looks like on a white t-shirt as opposed to a black, green, grey etc etc one.


Someone pleeeez tell me to where to look because I just don't know!

Is this a dumb question

Or is this a mod whose time has come???


Any comments would be welcome...


Thank you :rolleyes:

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I have install that module on my test site. It works good on the Cpanel host, but not really work with Plesk 8. Have anybody got same problem as I do?

thank you


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I did a bit more investigating and realise that Beny1949's contribution should do the necessary. I've havent installed it yet. However a working version can be found at www.magpiejewellers.co.uk . I think this may be what you want too. The add on is at: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/5997 . ATB :)

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