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The e-commerce.

Digital Download Quantity?


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I've just installed osCommerce and would like to know if it will be able to do what I require. I've done a search but cannot find any relevant information.


I run e-learning courses and I need people to be able to purchase multiple licences which are in the form of unique codes. So if someone purchases 10 'licences' they would be issued with 10 unique codes.


Let's say each licence is £10, I set the shop part up so that quantity can be entered, the total cost is then displayed, they go to Paypal and pay, and then are returned 'somewhere'.


I've got a programmer working on a database for me which will have all the access codes (licences) in it


What I need to know is whether it is possible for the variable quantity which has been purchased, to be sent to the database so that the relevant number of access codes (licences) are issued.


It may well be that there is an even simpler solution that I've not even considered.


Hope this makes sense and I would be very grateful if anyone can help.



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Is anyone able to offer any advice/suggestions on what I'm trying to achieve will work with osCommerce?


Many thanks,



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