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The e-commerce.

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Nice looking site.

Like the numbers as images - is this a contribution?


Some pointers from me:


1. For me, the header is too narrow. You're straight into listings of products very early in your screen. I'd add in a banner or header on the index page.


2. Your logos (Nintendo, for example) goes to Nintendo's site. Do you really want to send your customers elsewhere away from your store?


3. Your left column categories are a long list. No bullets. No block highlight over (just text on hover). I'd look to reduce this if possible. Alternatively, reduce the font size down a little. That will make it smaller and less important than the other text on your screen (like your product descriptions).


4. I don't speak Italian, so apologies if I have this wrong. On your header navigation, the first link is to your sitemap. The first link should be the most used link. As you move right, they become less important.

I would think that Specials is more important than Sitemap. Likewise, Login and Account are also more important.


5. Your button images are noce. However, you include the text as part of the image. There's nothing wrong with this - but use the opportunity to spice up your text fonts too. :-)


6. You have no SSL on account creation and are asking me for a lot of info.


That should get you started.




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So far you are on the right track!

You have done a good job customizing the site beyond just plain jane osCommerce.


Some suggestions: add some more spacing between all of the elements - not necessarily a lot, but it could open up the site a lot. (esp. the navigation on the left).

The biggest thing I see right now is that your Add to cart button and price blend TOO well in with your theme! I looked right over them. Make them pop out A TON! give them their own box and a different background color and make the add to art button bigger! you need people to see this and want to draw their eye right to that button.


Best luck!

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