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The e-commerce.

What file to edit to make layout changers ?


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Were do I go to make changers to the layout ?

I have a site www.africapc.co.za thats already correct and working well (OSC) and

a friend wants his site to be the same so i have uploaded OSC and now want to copy my filer to his

but not 100% what files to save to his site


Made the back up already any idea ?

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If you are going to give your friend the exact same site,

download yours to your desktop

create an SQL database on his server, (different to your own) upload the site to his server, change the two configure files to reflect the new log in details and database details.

If you are goin to let him have your database too, download yours to you desktop and use phpmyadmin to upload to his.

You will need to change all of the details that reference you and your site.

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