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Buy product and not leave product page


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Hi, I have a existing product page. On this product page I have a "Add to cart" link. When you click it, it takes you to the item in the cart. If I change my admin setting to "Display Cart After Adding Product true", it takes me to to the item in the cart, if I change it to "false" it takes me to the cart index page. What I want is for the customer to not leave the product page they are on at all. Maybe when the product was added, the "add to cart" link would turn green, but you would NOT go to another page.


An example of what I'm talking about is here: http://www.sensoray.com/products/526data_p.htm

You have to click on the "prices" tab toward the top to get the "add to cart" link.


I know this is a lot of info I'm asking for, so any help, whatever it may be, is greatly appreciated.


Thank you!


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Then your code is broken. It should stay on the product page.


Thank you Mark, I'll look into that.


Burt, I don't think my code is broken.

I've barley touched it.

I'm not referring to the product page that Os commerce sets up.

The website I'm working with is over 300+ pages and it already has data pages that are ranked high in Google.

I cannot change these. I have to use my existing data pages and have them work with the cart.


Thank you

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