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The e-commerce.

Help take a look...

Evolution Wireless

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Nice layout! A couple of suggestions...Move the links to Home and shopping cart to the bottom of your menu ....I think you want your merchandise on top. You also need to optimize those photos.....the one I checked was nearly 70k.....Way too slow to load.

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Nice site. I like the layout with the revolving grey and white boxes. Nice touch.



Big thing to fix...when you go into a products, like an EVO kit for example, and you put the mouse over the info (like Mitsubishi) the text under the image turns white. This is a huge problem that you will want to fix as your whole background is white.


Other than that, and what Kim already mentioned....nice job.



Chris Sullivan

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My comments for what they are worth:


I like the location of the bread crumb trail.


I also like the location of the "Welcome Guest" message. This is

nice because it does not interfere with the rest of home page and

it is also included on all pages.


I also like the Customer Service page that gives visitors quick

info about your support, email address and mail form.


I noticed that you still have the words osCommerce in the title bar

you may want to update your pages with a new title.


You have to product search boxes but I get the impression that your

site will be selling a few high dollar items not many low dollar items.

If this is the case I would drop the search boxes.


Also I would remove the counter from the footer.



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Thanks to everyone who replied so far. When I said I had some things to change, 3 of them were things you mentioned. (Optimizing images, Text links disappearing, & the 2 search box issue) I originally had the search box on the top, then moved it without taking out the other. I dont know if I want to keep it as I will most likely add alot more products, but your right as of right now it is not needed. I totally forgot to rename the site, so thanks for reminding me! :oops:


I would just like to say that the osCommerce communty is great. With everyones contributions, help, and professional courtesy you have made my life getting into OSC a very pain-free experience. I rarely start threads asking for help, (Im obsessed with finding the answer myself :wink: ) but when I do everyone has been very informative. So thanks again to everyone.


Comon people, more replies please!

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the one I checked was nearly 70k.....Way too slow to load.


hey I checked that one too... only took about 1/2 second to load for me :wink:


but seriously the 70K I think is ok for the large image (640x480)... you might want to make thumbnails to use on the main parts of the page so that its not using the big images for them.

The only thing necessary for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing

- Edmund Burke

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Looks great mate, like the simplistic look to the website.


One thing i'd say from a consumers point of view - if i was about to spend $1000+ on a bodykit, i think i'd like more information (fitting guides perhaps etc) and definately more photographs! There are contributions that allow you to have many photo's per product, and i'd heavily recommend using that!


Good job fella!

Regards, Jay.

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Very much a Royal Sports revisited!


Be careful!

You are so much the same they could get upset about this if they see your site.



It's ok to be inspired by a site .. but come on!

Your images even use the some directory as www.royalsports.mb.ca (catalog/img_royal/arrow_blue.gif)





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As I say that is why you need to be careful.


As I always say, if you are inspired, use some ideas but dont go ripping off sites.


Especially if you have used some html extractor to take the site in the first place.


Or be smart and dont ask people to look at it and see what they think if it is obvious.

Remember we all look through the Live Shops for inspiration too, but dont blantantly rob people!



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I'm afraid I agree, that is bang out of order. We had one of our sites ripped word for word, graphic for graphic a little while back, and it is really annoying to see your hard work being stolen by someone else. It's also illegal in the US under the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (I think thats the right name) - so if either of you are US based, watch out for possible litigation!


Judge Judy time!

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