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The e-commerce.

---> how to skin.... :)


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Hey, i need to skin my copy of OScommerce, but i dont know how. is there a skinning system like on forums, or do i have to edit files? If i need to edit files could you tell me which ones i will need to edit, or at least the main ones? thnx :D

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Go to contrubutions and look for a contrib named "Thema". It come with 5 diffrent themes. Anything beyond that you will have to edit yourself. For colors and fonts you edit oscommerce.css in the catalog root.



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You can't skin it but you can alter the stylesheet quite easily:





Template system is planned for later release.




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Hey there,


Sorry to bring a really old thread back to the top of the tree again, but I'd really appreciate it if the OSCommerce development could add "easy skinning" to their to-do list.


I am trying to integrate OSCommerce into a website design of mine, and it seems so difficult and daunting! Any advice for me to use in the meantime, while a more easily templatable/skinnable version is developed? :)





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